Datasheet EL5100, EL5101, EL5300 (Renesas)

Beschreibung200MHz Slew Enhanced VFA
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Datasheet EL5100, EL5101, EL5300 Renesas

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DATASHEET EL5100, EL5101, EL5300 FN7330 200MHz Slew Enhanced VFA Rev 3.00 May 3, 2007 The EL5100, EL5101, and EL5300 represent high-speed
voltage feedback amplifiers based on the current feedback amplifier architecture. This gives the typical high slew rate • Pb-free plus anneal available (RoHS compliant) benefits of a CFA family along with the stability and ease of • Specified for 5V or ±5V applications use associated with the VFA type architecture. This family is • Power-down to 17µA/amplifier available in single, dual, and triple versions, with 200MHz, 400MHz, and 700MHz versions. This family operates on • -3dB bandwidth = 200MHz single 5V or ±5V supplies from minimum supply current. The • ±0.1dB bandwidth = 20MHz EL5100 and EL5300 also feature an output enable function, which can be used to put the output in to a high-impedance • Low supply current = 2.5mA mode. This enables the outputs of multiple amplifiers to be • Slew rate = 2200V/µs tied together for use in multiplexing applications. • Low offset voltage = 4mV max • Output current = 100mA • AVOL = 1000 • Diff gain/phase = 0.08%/0.1°
• Video amplifiers • PCMCIA applications • A/D drivers • Line drivers • Portable computers • High speed communications • RGB applications • Broadcast equipment • Active filtering FN7330 Rev 3.00 Page 1 of 15 May 3, 2007