Datasheet TPD7107F (Toshiba)

BeschreibungIntelligent Power Device Silicon Power MOS Integrated Circuit
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TPD7107F. 1. Description. 2. Uses. P-WSON10-0303-0.50-002. 3. Features

Datasheet TPD7107F Toshiba

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TOSHIBA Intel igent Power Device Silicon Power MOS Integrated Circuit
1 channel High-Side N channel Power MOSFET Gate Driver
1. Description
TPD7107F is a 1channel high-side N channel power MOSFET gate driver. This IC contains a charge pump circuit, allowing easy TPD7107F configuration of a high-side switch for large-current applications.
2. Uses P-WSON10-0303-0.50-002
● Junction Boxes for Automotive. ● Power distribution modules for Automotive. ● Semiconductor relays.
3. Features
● AEC-Q100 qualified. ● Built in the charge pump circuit. ● Built in the various protection feature and diagnostic output function. ‒ The abnormalities in power supply voltage (a voltage fall, excess voltage, reverse connection of power supply) ‒ Current sense of load line. ‒ Over current (short circuit of load line) ‒ Overheating ‒ The abnormalities in Drain-source voltage of external FET ‒ Active clamp of external FET ‒ Protection for disconnection of GND terminal. ‒ VDD short of load line (Short circuit between source of external FET and VDD) ‒ Disconnection of load line (open). ● WSON10A package for surface mounting. Note: Due to its MOS structure. This product is sensitive to static electricity. Start of commercial production 2020-03 © 2 020 1 2020-04-09 Toshiba Electronic Devices & Storage Corporation Document Outline 1. Description 2. Uses 3. Features 4. Block Diagram 5. Pin Assignments 6. Pin Description 7. Operational Description 7.1. Protection for reverse connection of power supply 7.2. Active clamp 7.3. Gate drive of Power MOSFET (Off driver) 7.3.1. Normal off, rapid off 7.3.2. Protection for disconnection of GND terminal 7.4. Load current sense at time of Power MOSFET drive 7.5. The abnormalities in power supply voltage (VDD over voltage, VDD under voltage) 7.6. Over current protection 7.7. Over temperature protection. 7.8. Abnormalities in voltage between Drain and source of the external FET (VDS error) 7.9. Load open / VDD short of load line and diagnosis output 7.10. Truth Table 7.11. State Transition Diagram 8. Absolute Maximum Ratings 8.1. Thermal Resistance 9. Operating Ranges 10. Electrical Characteristics 10.1. Electrical characteristics 1 10.2. Electrical characteristics 2 10.3. Current sense amp Electrical Characteristics 11. Test Circuit 11.1. Test circuit 1 High level output voltage (3) 11.2. Test circuit 2 Switching time (Td-ON, Td-OFF, Tr, Tf) 11.3. Test circuit 3 Off impedance at GND open 11.4. Test circuit 4 Input offset voltage 12. Characteristic curves 13. Package Information 13.1. Package Dimensions 13.2. Marking 13.3. Land Pattern Dimensions for Reference only 14. IC Usage Notes 14.1. Notes on Handling of ICs 14.2. Notes on mounting. RESTRICTIONS ON PRODUCT USE