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HerstellerPower Integrations
BeschreibungUp to 8 A Single Channel IGBT/MOSFET Gate Driver for Automotive Applications Providing Reinforced Galvanic Isolation up to 1200 V Blocking Voltage
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SID11x2KQ. rent. e Cur. Current. Gate Peak. Turn-Off Peak Gat. Ambient Temperature (. Secondary-Side Total Supply Voltage – VTOT (V)

SID11x2KQ rent e Cur Current Gate Peak Turn-Off Peak Gat Ambient Temperature ( Secondary-Side Total Supply Voltage – VTOT (V)

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0 7
R 6 GH = 4 Ω, RGL = 3.4 Ω, CLOAD = 47 nF
-2 R -7911-042816 GH = 4 Ω, RGL = 3.4 Ω, CLOAD = 100 nF PI
PI RGH = RGL = 0 Ω, CLOAD = 47 nF -3
-4 4
e Cur
3 -6 -7 2
Gate Peak
IGH, Turn-On Peak Gate Current -8 IGL, Turn-Off Peak Gate Current 1
Turn-Off Peak Gat
-9 -10 0 -60 -40 -20 0 20 40 60 80 100 120 140 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30
Ambient Temperature (
C) Secondary-Side Total Supply Voltage – VTOT (V)
Figure 7. Turn-Off Peak Output Current (Sink) vs. Ambient Temperature. Figure 8. Turn-On and Turn-Off Peak Output Current vs. Secondary-Side Total Conditions: V Supply Voltage (V ). Conditions: V VCC = 5 V, V = 25 V, f = 20 kHz, Duty Cycle = 50% TOT S TOT VCC = 5 V, TJ = 25 °C, RGH = 4 W, RGL = 3.4 W, CLOAD = 100 nF, fS = 1 kHz, Duty Cycle = 50%. that can be achieved for a given supply voltage for same gate resistor values, load capacitance and layout design.
Short-Circuit Protection
The SCALE-iDriver uses the semiconductor desaturation effect to
detect short-circuits and protects the device against damage by R R employing an Advanced Soft Shut Down (ASSD) technique. Desatu- VCE VCEX
ration can be detected using two different circuits, either with diode sense circuitry D (Figure 10) or with resistors R (Figure 9). With VCE VCEX
C D the help of a wel stabilized V and a Schottky diode (D ) connected RES CL VISO STO C between semiconductor gate and VISO pin the short-circuit current GXX value can be limited to a safe value.
D During the off-state, the VCE pin is internal y connected to the COM STO R
GON Collector pin and C is discharged (red curve in Figure 11 represents the RES Gate R potential of the VCE pin). When the power semiconductor switch GINT RGOFF receives a turn-on command, the col ector-emitter voltage (V )
CE decreases from the off-state level same as the DC-link voltage to a Emitter normal y much lower on-state level (see blue curve in Figure 11) and
C begins to be charged up to the V saturation level (V ). C RES CE CE SAT RES charging time depends on the resistance of R (Figure 9), DC-link VCEX
voltage and C and R value. The V voltage during on-state is RES VCE CE continuously observed and compared with a reference voltage, V . DES The V level is optimized for IGBT applications. As soon as V >V DES CE DES (red circle in Figure 11), the driver turns off the power semiconductor PI-7952-080416 switch with a control ed col ector current slope, limiting the V CE overvoltage excursions to below the maximum col ector-emitter Figure 9. Short-Circuit Protection using a Resistor Chain R . VCEX voltage (V ). Turn-on commands during this time and during t are CES SO ignored, and the SO pin is connected to GND. and power-down. Any supply voltage related to VCC, VISO, VEE and The response time t is the C charging time and describes the VGXX pins should be stabilized using ceramic capacitors C , C , C , RES RES 1 S1X S2X delay between V asserting and the voltage on the VCE pin rising C respectively as shown in Figures 13 and 14. After supply CE GXX (see Figure 11). Response time should be long enough to avoid false voltages reach their nominal values, the driver will begin to function tripping during semiconductor turn-on and is adjustable via R and after a time delay t . RES START C (Figure 10) or R and C (Figure 9) values. It should not be RES VCE RES longer than the period al owed by the semiconductor manufacturer.
Short-Pulse Operation
If command signals applied to the IN pin are shorter than the minimum
Safe Power-Up and Power-Down
specified by t , the SCALE-iDriver output signals, GH and GL pins, GE(MIN) During driver power-up and power-down, several unintended input / will be extended to value t . The duration of pulses longer than GE(MIN) output states may occur. In order to avoid these effects, it is t will not be changed. GE(MIN) recommended that the IN pin is kept at logic low during power-up
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