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BeschreibungUp to 8 A Single Channel IGBT/MOSFET Gate Driver for Automotive Applications Providing Reinforced Galvanic Isolation up to 1200 V Blocking Voltage
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SID11x2KQ. SCALE-iDriver Functional Description. SCALE-iDriver. VCC. GND. Power Supplies. Input and Fault Logic (Primary-Side)

SID11x2KQ SCALE-iDriver Functional Description SCALE-iDriver VCC GND Power Supplies Input and Fault Logic (Primary-Side)

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SID11x2KQ SCALE-iDriver Functional Description SCALE-iDriver
The single channel SCALE-iDriver™ family is designed to drive IGBTs and MOSFETs or other semiconductor power switches with a blocking voltage of up to 1200 V and provide reinforced isolation between R1
micro-control er and the power semiconductor switch. The logic input (PWM) command signals applied via the IN pin and the primary R2 supply voltage supplied via the VCC pin are both referenced to the
GND pin. The working status of the power semiconductor switch and SCALE-iDriver is monitored via the SO pin. RSO
PMW command signals are transferred from the primary (IN) to secondary-side via FluxLink isolation technology. The GH pin supplies C1 a positive gate voltage and charges the semiconductor gate during
the turn-on process. The GL pin supplies the negative voltage and discharges the gate during the turn-off process. Short-circuit protection is implemented using a desaturation detection PI-7950-050916 technique monitored via the VCE pin. When the SCALE-iDriver detects a short-circuit, the semiconductor turn-off process is activated Figure 5. Increased Threshold Voltages V and V . For R = 3.3 kW and using an Advanced Soft Shut Down (ASSD) technique. IN+LT IN+HT 1 R = 1 kW the IN Logic Level is 15 V. 2
Power Supplies
connected to the GH pin and turn-off gate resistor R to the GL pin. The SID11x2KQ requires two power supplies. One is the primary-side GOFF If both gate resistors have the same value, the GL and GH pins can be (V ) which powers the primary-side logic and communication with VCC connected together. Note: The SCALE-iDriver data sheet defines the the secondary (insulated) side. Another supply voltage is required for R and R values as total resistances connected to the respective the secondary-side, V is applied between the VISO pin and the GH GL TOT pins GH and GL. Note that most power semiconductor data sheets COM pin. V needs to be insulated from the primary-side and must TOT specify an internal gate resistor R which is already integrated into provide at least the same insulation capabilities as the SCALE-iDriver. GINT the power semiconductor switch. In Addition to R , external V must have a low capacitive coupling to the primary or any other GINT TOT resistor devices R and R are specified to setup the gate current secondary-side. The positive gate-emitter voltage V is provided by GON GOFF VISO levels to the application requirements. Consequently, R is the sum VISO which is internal y generated and stabilized to 15 V (typical y) GH of R and R , as shown in Figures 9 and 10. Careful consideration with respect to VEE. The negative gate-emitter voltage V is GON GINT VEE should be given to the power dissipation and peak current associated provided by VEE with respect to COM. Due to the limited current with the external gate resistors. sourcing capabilities of the VEE pin, any additional load needs to be applied between the VISO and COM pins. No additional load between The GH pin output current source (I ) of SID1182KQ is capable of GH VISO and VEE pins or between VEE and COM pins is al owed. handling up to 7.3 A during turn-on, and the GL pin output current source (I ) is able to sink up to 8.0 A during turn-off. The SCALE-
Input and Fault Logic (Primary-Side)
GL iDriver’s internal resistances are described as R and R respec- The input (IN) and output (SO) logic is designed to work directly with GHI GLI tively. If the gate resistors for SCALE-iDriver family attempt to draw micro-control ers using 5 V CMOS logic. If the physical distance a higher peak current, the peak current will be internal y limited to a between the control er and the SCALE-iDriver is large or if a different safe value, see Figures 6 and 7. Figure 8 shows the peak current logic level is required the resistive divider in Figure 5, or Schmitt-trigger ICs (Figures 13 and 14) can be used. Both solutions adjust the logic level 9 as necessary and will also improve the driver’s noise immunity.
Gate driver commands are transferred from the IN pin to the GH and
8 GL pins with a propagation delay t and t . P(LH) P(HL)
7 PI During normal operation, when there is no fault detected, the SO pin stays at high impedance (open). Any fault is reported by connecting 6 the SO pin to GND. The SO pin stays low as long as the V voltage VCC (primary-side) stays below UVLO , where the propagation delay is 5 VCC negligible. If desaturation is detected (there is a short-circuit), or the
e Current
supply voltages V , V , (secondary-side) drop below UVLO , 4 VISO VEE VISO UVLO , the SO status changes with a delay time t and keeps VEE FAULT status low for a time defined as t . In case of a fault condition the 3 SO driver applies the off-state (the GL pin is connected to COM). During RGH = 4 Ω, RGL = 3.4 Ω, CLOAD = 47 nF the t period, command signal transitions from the IN pin are 2 R SO GH = 4 Ω, RGL = 3.4 Ω, CLOAD = 100 nF ignored. A new turn-on command transition is required before the RGH = RGL = 0 Ω, CLOAD = 47 nF driver will enter the on-state. 1
Turn-On Peak Gat
The SO pin current is defined as I ; voltage during low status is SO 0 defined as V . SO(FAULT) -60 -40 -20 0 20 40 60 80 100 120 140
Output (Secondary-Side)
The gate of the power semiconductor switch to be driven can be
Ambient Temperature (
connected to the SCALE-iDriver output via pins GH and GL, using two Figure 6. Turn-On Peak Output Current (Source) vs. Ambient Temperature. different resistor values. Turn-on gate resistor R needs to be Conditions: V = 25 V, f = 20 kHz, Duty Cycle = 50%. GON CC = 5 V, VTOT S
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