Datasheet TOP242, TOP243, TOP244, TOP245, TOP246, TOP247, TOP248, TOP249, TOP250 (Power Integrations)

HerstellerPower Integrations
BeschreibungExtended Power, Design Flexible, EcoSmart, Integrated Off-Line Switcher
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This product is not recommended for new designs. Product Highlights. Lower System Cost, High Design Flexibility. OUT. CONTROL C

Datasheet TOP242, TOP243, TOP244, TOP245, TOP246, TOP247, TOP248, TOP249, TOP250 Power Integrations

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This product is not recommended for new designs.
TOP242-250 TOPSwitch-GX Family Extended Power, Design Flexible, EcoSmart, Integrated Off-Line Switcher
Product Highlights
Lower System Cost, High Design Flexibility AC DC IN OUT
• Extended power range for higher power applications • No heat sink required up to 34 W using P/G packages • Features eliminate or reduce cost of external components • Fully integrated soft-start for minimum stress/overshoot
• Externally programmable accurate current limit
• Wider duty cycle for more power, smaller input capacitor
• Separate line sense and current limit pins on Y/R/F
packages • Line undervoltage (UV) detection: no turn off glitches • Line overvoltage (OV) shutdown extends line surge limit PI-2632-060200 • Line feed-forward with maximum duty cycle (DC ) MAX Figure 1. Typical Flyback Application. reduction rejects line ripple and limits DC at high line MAX • Frequency jittering reduces EMI and EMI filtering costs
• Regulates to zero load without dummy loading • 132 kHz frequency reduces transformer/power supply size
230 VAC ±15%4 85-265 VAC
• Half frequency option in Y/R/F packages for video applications
PRODUCT3 Open Open Adapter1 Adapter1
• Hysteretic thermal shutdown for automatic fault recovery
Frame2 Frame2
• Large thermal hysteresis prevents PC board overheating TOP242 P or G 9 W 15 W 6.5 W 10 W

– Energy Efficient
TOP242 R 15 W 22 W 11 W 14 W • Extremely low consumption in remote off mode TOP242 Y or F 10 W 22 W 7 W 14 W (80 mW at 110 VAC, 160 mW at 230 VAC) TOP243 P or G 13 W 25 W 9 W 15 W • Frequency lowered with load for high standby efficiency TOP243 R 29 W 45 W 17 W 23 W • Allows shutdown/wake-up via LAN/input port TOP243 Y or F 20 W 45 W 15 W 30 W TOP244 P or G 16 W 28 W 11 W 20 W
TOP244 R 34 W 50 W 20 W 28 W TOPSwitch™-GX uses the same proven topology as TOP244 Y or F 30 W 65 W 20 W 45 W TOPSwitch, cost effectively integrating the high voltage TOP245 P or G 19 W 30 W 13 W 22 W power MOSFET, PWM control, fault protection and other TOP245 R 37 W 57 W 23 W 33 W control circuitry onto a single CMOS chip. Many new TOP245 Y or F 40 W 85 W 26 W 60 W functions are integrated to reduce system cost and improve TOP246 P or G 21 W 34 W 15 W 26 W design flexibility, performance and energy efficiency. TOP246 R 40 W 64 W 26 W 38 W TOP246 Y or F 60 W 125 W 40 W 90 W Depending on package type, either 1 or 3 additional pins over TOP247 R 42 W 70 W 28 W 43 W the TOPSwitch standard DRAIN, SOURCE and CONTROL TOP247 Y or F 85 W 165 W 55 W 125 W terminals allow the following functions: line sensing (OV/UV, TOP248 R 43 W 75 W 30 W 48 W line feed-forward/DC reduction), accurate externally set TOP248 Y or F 105 W 205 W 70 W 155 W MAX current limit, remote ON/OFF, synchronization to an external TOP249 R 44 W 79 W 31 W 53 W lower frequency, and frequency selection (132 kHz/ 66 kHz). TOP249 Y or F 120 W 250 W 80 W 180 W TOP250 R 45 W 82 W 32 W 55 W All package types provide the following transparent features: TOP250 Y or F 135 W 290 W 90 W 210 W Soft-start, 132 kHz switching frequency (automatically reduced at light load), frequency jittering for lower EMI, Table 1. wider DC , hysteretic thermal shutdown, and larger Notes:
Typical continuous power in a non-ventilated enclosed adapter measured at MAX creepage packages. In addition, all critical parameters (i.e. 50 °C ambient.
Maximum practical continuous power in an open frame design at 50 °C ambient. See Key Applications for detailed conditions.
For lead-free package current limit, frequency, PWM gain) have tighter tempera- options, see Part Ordering Information.
230 VAC or 100/115 VAC with doubler. ture and absolute tolerances to simplify design and optimize system cost. October 2020