Datasheet MAX9000, MAX9001, MAX9002, MAX9003, MAX9004, MAX9005 (Analog Devices)

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BeschreibungLow-Power, High-Speed, Single-Supply Op Amp + Comparator + Reference ICs
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Low-Power, High-Speed, Single-Supply. Op Amp + Comparator + Reference ICs. MAX9000–MAX9005. General Description. Features

Datasheet MAX9000, MAX9001, MAX9002, MAX9003, MAX9004, MAX9005 Analog Devices

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19-0499; Rev 1; 7/98
Low-Power, High-Speed, Single-Supply Op Amp + Comparator + Reference ICs MAX9000–MAX9005 General Description Features
The MAX9000 family features the combination of a high- ♦
Op Amp + Comparator + Reference in
speed operational amplifier, a 185ns comparator, and a
Space-Saving µMAX Package
precision 1.230V reference. These devices operate from a ♦ single +2.5V to +5.5V supply and draw less than 500µA of
+2.5V to +5.5V Single-Supply Voltage Range
quiescent current. The MAX9001/MAX9004 feature a shut- ♦
340µA Supply Current (MAX9002/MAX9005)
down mode that reduces supply current to 2µA and puts ♦
Unity-Gain Stable (GBW = 1.25MHz) and
the outputs into a high-impedance state, making them
Decompensated (A
ideal for portable and battery-powered applications.

10V/V, GBW = 8MHz) Options
♦ The amplifiers in the MAX9000/MAX9001/MAX9002 are
Op-Amp/Comparator Outputs Swing Rail-to-Rail
unity-gain stable with a 1.25MHz gain-bandwidth product, ♦
Ground-Sensing Inputs for Both Op Amp and
while the amplifiers in the MAX9003/MAX9004/MAX9005
are stable for closed-loop gains of +10V/V or greater with ♦
Op Amp Stable with Capacitive Loads up to 250pF
an 8MHz gain-bandwidth product. The input common- mode voltage extends from 150mV below the negative ♦
Internal ±2mV Comparator Hysteresis
supply to within 1.2V of the positive supply for the amplifi- ♦
Fast 185ns Propagation-Delay Comparator
er, and to within 1.1V for the comparator. The amplifier and comparator outputs can swing Rail-to-Rail® and deliver up ♦
No Phase Reversal for Overdriven Inputs
to ±2.5mA and ±4.0mA, respectively, to an external load
(Both Op Amp and Comparator)
while maintaining excellent DC accuracy. The unique ♦
Internal 1.230V Precision Reference (MAX9000/
design of the comparator output stage substantially
reduces switching current during output transitions, virtually
±1% Initial Accuracy
eliminating power-supply glitches.
Low 8ppm/°C Temperature Drift
The comparator’s ±2mV of built-in hysteresis provides
Sink or Source up to 1mA
noise immunity and prevents oscillations even with a
Stable for Capacitive Loads up to 100nF
slow-moving input signal. The MAX9000/MAX9001/ MAX9003/MAX9004 have an internal 1.230V ±1% preci- sion reference with a low 8ppm/°C temperature coeffi-
Ordering Information
cient that can sink or source up to 1mA. The amplifier and reference are stable with capacitive loads up to 250pF
and 100nF, respectively. The comparator’s inverting input
EUA -40°C to +85°C 8 µMAX is internally connected to the reference output in the MAX9000ESA -40°C to +85°C 8 SO MAX9000/MAX9003.
EUB -40°C to +85°C 10 µMAX
MAX9001ESD -40°C to +85°C 14 SO Single-Supply Zero- Photodiode Preamps
Ordering Information continued at end of data sheet.
Crossing Detector Smart Card Readers
Pin Configurations and Typical Operating Circuit appear at
Instruments, Terminals, Infrared Receivers
end of data sheet.
and Bar-Code Readers for Remote Controls Keyless Entry Sensor Signal Detection Rail-to-Rail is a registered trademark of Nippon Motorola, Ltd.
______________________________________________________________________________Selector Guide INTERNAL OP-AMP GAIN OP-AMP GAIN PART PRECISION STABILITY SHUTDOWN BANDWIDTH PIN-PACKAGE REFERENCE (V/V) (MHz)
MAX9000 Yes 1 No 1.25 8 SO/µMAX MAX9001 Yes 1 Yes 1.25 10 µMAX, 14 SO MAX9002 No 1 No 1.25 8 SO/µMAX MAX9003 Yes 10 No 8 8 SO/µMAX MAX9004 Yes 10 Yes 8 10 µMAX, 14 SO MAX9005 No 10 No 8 8 SO/µMAX
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