Datasheet LM13600 (National Semiconductor)

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BeschreibungDual Operational Transconductance Amplifiers with Linearizing Diodes and Buffers
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LM13600. Dual. Dual Operational Transconductance Amplifiers with. Operational. Linearizing Diodes and Buffers

Datasheet LM13600 National Semiconductor

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May 1998
LM13600 Dual Dual Operational Transconductance Amplifiers with Operational Linearizing Diodes and Buffers General Description
n Excellent matching between amplifiers n Linearizing diodes The LM13600 series consists of two current controlled n Controlled impedance buffers transconductance amplifiers each with differential inputs and a push-pull output. The two amplifiers share common sup- n High output signal-to-noise ratio plies but otherwise operate independently. Linearizing di- odes are provided at the inputs to reduce distortion and allow
Applications T ransconductance
higher input levels. The result is a 10 dB signal-to-noise im- n Current-controlled amplifiers provement referenced to 0.5 percent THD. Controlled im- n Current-controlled impedances pedance buffers which are especially designed to comple- n Current-controlled filters ment the dynamic range of the amplifiers are provided. n Current-controlled oscillators
n Multiplexers n Timers n g adjustable over 6 decades m n Sample and hold circuits n Excellent g linearity m
Connection Diagram Amplifiers Dual-In-Line and Small Outline Packages with Linearizing Diodes and
Top View Order Number LM13600M, LM13600N or LM13600AN Buffers See NS Package Number M16A or N16A
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