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PDN01007 11/02/15 5/02/16
11/02/16 Summary:All bridge rectifiers manufactured in the CASE FP package with the exception of part # CBR35-060P are discontinued and now classified as End of Life (EOL). Although Central Semiconductor Corp. makes every effort to continue to produce devices that have been proclaimed EOL (End of Life) by various manufacturers, it is an accepted industry practice to discontinue certain devices when customer demand falls below a minimum level of sustainability. Accordingly, the following product(s) have been transitioned to End of Life status as part of Central's Product Management Process. Any replacement product will be noted below. The effective date for placing the last purchase order will be six(6) months from the date of this notice and twelve(12) months from the notice date for final shipments; this may be extended if inventory is available.
Central Part Number
_________________________ CBR10-010P CBR35-060P CBR10-020P CBR35-060P CBR10-040P CBR35-060P CBR10-060P CBR35-060P CBR10-080P CBR35-060P CBR10-100P CBR35-060P CBR10A-080P N/A CBR10F-010P N/A CBR10F-020P N/A CBR10F-040P N/A CBR10F-060P N/A CBR25-010P CBR35-060P CBR25-020P CBR35-060P CBR25-040P CBR35-060P CBR25-060P CBR35-060P CBR25-080P CBR35-060P CBR25-100P CBR35-060P CBR25F-010P N/A CBR25F-020P N/A CBR25F-040P N/A CBR25F-060P N/A CBR35-010P CBR35-060P CBR35-020P CBR35-060P CBR35-040P CBR35-060P CBR35-080P CBR35-060P CBR35-100P CBR35-060P CBR35A-020P N/A CBR35F-010P N/A CBR35F-020 N/A CBR35F-020P N/A CBR35F-040P N/A CBR35F-060P N/A CBR50-020P N/A CBR50-060P N/A CEN1135 N/A *** CONTINUED ***