Datasheet IL4216, IL4217, IL4218 (Vishay)

BeschreibungOptocoupler, Phototriac Output, High dV/dt, Low Input Current
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IL4216, IL4217, IL4218. Optocoupler, Phototriac Output, High dV/dt, Low Input Current. FEATURES. DESCRIPTION. APPLICATIONS

Datasheet IL4216, IL4217, IL4218 Vishay

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IL4216, IL4217, IL4218
Vishay Semiconductors
Optocoupler, Phototriac Output, High dV/dt, Low Input Current FEATURES
A 1 6 MT2 • High input sensitivity IFT = 1.3 mA C 2 5 NC • 300 mA on-state current • High static dV/dt 10000 V/μs, typical NC 3 4 MT1 • Very low leakage < 10 μA i179041-3 V 21842-1 D E • Isolation test voltage 5300 VRMS
• Compliant to RoHS Directive 2002/95/EC and The IL4216, IL4217, IL4218 consists of an AlGaAs IRLED in accordance to WEEE 2002/96/EC optically coupled to a pair of photosensitive non-zero crossing SCR chips and are connected inversely parallel to
form a TRIAC. These three semiconductors are assembled • Solid state relay in a six pin 0.3 inch dual in-line package. • Industrial controls High input sensitivity is achieved by using an emitter follower phototransistor and a cascaded SCR predriver • Office equipment resulting in an LED trigger current of less than 1.3 mA (DC). • Consumer appliances The use of a proprietary dV/dt clamp results in a static dV/dt of greater than 10 kV/μs. This clamp circuit has a MOSFET
that is enhanced when high dV/dt spikes occur between MT1 and MT2 of the TRIAC. The FET clamps the base of the • UL1577, file no. E52744 system code J phototransistor when conducting, disabling the internal • CSA 93751 SCR predriver. The blocking voltage of up to 800 V permits control of • DIN EN 60747-5-5 (VDE 0884) available with option 1 off-line voltages up to 240 VAC, with a safety factor more • BSI IEC60950; IEC60065 than two, and is sufficient for as much as 380 VAC. Current • FIMKO handling capability is up to 300 mA RMS, continuous at 25 °C. The IL4216, IL4217, IL4218 isolates low-voltage logic from 120, 240, and 380 VAC lines to control resistive inductive, or capacitive loads including motors solenoids, high current thyristors or TRIAC and relays.
DIP Option 6
I L 4 2 1 # - X 0 # # T
PART NUMBER PACKAGE OPTION TAPE AND 10.16 mm 7.62 mm REEL Option 7 Option 9 > 0.7 mm > 0.1 mm
DIP-6 IL4216 IL4217 IL4218 DIP-6, 400 mil, option 6 IL4216-X006 - IL4218-X006 SMD-6, option 7 IL4216-X007T IL4217-X007 - SMD-6, option 9 IL4216-X009T (1) IL4217-X009 -
VDE, UL, cUL, BSI, FIMKO 600 700 800
DIP-6 IL4216-X001 - IL4218-X001 DIP-6, 400 mil, option 6 IL4216-X016 - IL4218-X016 SMD-6, option 7 - - IL4218-X017T (1) SMD-6, option 9 - - IL4218-X019T (1)
(1) Also available in tubes, do not put T on the end. Document Number: 83630 For technical questions, contact: Rev. 1.6, 20-Oct-10 1