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BeschreibungQuad-Channel, Software Configurable Input and Output
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Quad-Channel,. Software Configurable Input and Output. Data Sheet. AD74413R. FEATURES. GENERAL DESCRIPTION

Datasheet AD74413R Analog Devices

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Quad-Channel, Software Configurable Input and Output Data Sheet AD74413R FEATURES GENERAL DESCRIPTION Quad-channel software configurable input/output circuit
The AD74413R is a quad-channel software configurable
Screw terminals tolerant to ±40 V dc
input/output solution for building and process control
Line protectors to block power from the screw terminals to
applications. The AD74413R contains functionality for analog
output, analog input, digital input, resistance temperature
User configurable modes
detector (RTD), and thermocouple measurements integrated
Voltage input
into a single chip solution with a serial peripheral interface (SPI).
Current input
The device features a 16-bit, Σ-Δ analog-to-digital converter
Voltage output
(ADC) and four configurable, 13-bit digital-to-analog converters
Current output
(DACs) to provide four configurable input/output channels and a
Digital input
suite of diagnostic functions.
RTD measurement Internal 16-bit, Σ-∆ ADC with optional 50 Hz and 60 Hz
There are several modes related to the AD74413R. These modes
are voltage output, current output, voltage input, externally
13-bit monotonic DACs
powered current input, loop powered current input, external RTD
Charge pump for true zero voltage output
measurement, digital input logic, and loop powered digital input.
The AD74413R contains a high accuracy 2.5 V internal
Internal temperature sensor, ±5°C accuracy
reference to drive the DACs and the ADC.
On-chip diagnostics including open circuit and short-circuit COMPANION PRODUCTS detection SPI-compatible External Reference: ADR4525 Temperature range: −40°C to +105°C PRODUCT HIGHLIGHTS 64-lead LFCSP
1. Quad-Channel, Software Configurable Channels.
2. Built In Diagnostics and Alert Features.
Process control 3.
Robust Architecture.
Factory automation Motor drives Building control systems Rev. 0 Document Feedback Information furnished by Analog Devices is believed to be accurate and reliable. However, no responsibility is assumed by Analog Devices for its use, nor for any infringements of patents or other rights of third parties that may result from its use. Specifications subject to change without notice. No One Technology Way, P.O. Box 9106, Norwood, MA 02062-9106, U.S.A. license is granted by implication or otherwise under any patent or patent rights of Analog Devices. Tel: 781.329.4700 ©2019 Analog Devices, Inc. All rights reserved. Trademarks and registered trademarks are the property of their respective owners. Technical Support
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