Datasheet HMC644ALC5 (Analog Devices)

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BeschreibungGaAs MMIC 5-Bit Digital Phase Shifter, 15 - 18.5 GHz
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HMC644ALC5. GaAs MMIC 5-BIT DIGITAL. PHASE SHIFTER, 15 - 18.5 GHz. Typical Applications. Features. Functional Diagram

Datasheet HMC644ALC5 Analog Devices

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GaAs MMIC 5-BIT DIGITAL PHASE SHIFTER, 15 - 18.5 GHz Typical Applications Features
The HMC644ALC5 is ideal for: Low RMS Phase Error: 3.5° T • EW Receivers Low Insertion Loss: 7.5 dB M • Weather & Military Radar High Linearity: +40 dBm 360° Coverage, LSB = 11.25° • Satellite Communications L - S 32 Lead Ceramic SMT Package: 25mm2 • Beamforming Modules ITA • Phase Cancel ation IG
Functional Diagram General Description
The HMC644ALC5 is a 5-bit digital phase shifter S - D which is rated from 15 to 18.5 GHz, providing 360 degrees of phase coverage, with a LSB of 11.25 degrees. The HMC644ALC5 features very low IFTER RMS phase error of 3.5 degrees and extremely low H insertion loss variation of ±0.5 dB across all phase states. This high accuracy phase shifter is controlled with complementary logic of 0/-3V, and requires no E S S fixed bias voltage. The HMC644ALC5 is housed in A a compact 5x5 mm ceramic leadless SMT package and is internally matched to 50 Ohms with no external PH components. Simple external level shifting circuitry can be used to convert a positive CMOS control voltage into complementary negative control signals.
Electrical Specifications, T = +25° C, 50 Ohm System, Control Voltage = 0/-3V A Parameter Min. Typ. Max. Units Frequency Range 15 18.5 GHz Insertion Loss 7.5 10 dB Input Return Loss 10 dB Output Return Loss 12 dB Phase Error ±5 +20 / -10 deg RMS Phase Error 3.5 deg Insertion Loss Variation ±0.5 dB Input Power for 1 dB Compression 23 dBm Input Third Order Intercept 40 dBm Control Voltage Current <1 mA
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