Datasheet LT5401 (Analog Devices)

HerstellerAnalog Devices
BeschreibungMatched Resistor Network for Precision Amplifiers
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FEATURES. DESCRIPTION. Optimized for Use with Fully Differential and. Difference Amplifiers. Excellent Matching

Datasheet LT5401 Analog Devices

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LT5401 Matched Resistor Network for Precision Amplifiers
Optimized for Use with Fully Differential and
The LT®5401 is an ultra-precision matched resistor net-
Difference Amplifiers
work optimized for use with fully differential or differ- n
Excellent Matching
ence amplifiers, and with excellent matching specifica- n
±0.003% Resistor Ratio Matching (Max)
tions over the entire temperature range. The LT5401 n
96.5dB CMRR (Min)
contains two strings of matched resistors, each provid- n
±25ppm Gain Error (Max)
ing three tap points. The resulting matched ratios are n
±0.5ppm/°C Matching Temperature Drift (Max)
well suited for precisely setting a differential amplifier’s n ±35V Operating Voltage (±36V Abs Max) gain or attenuation. n 8ppm/°C Absolute Resistor Value Temperature Drift When used to configure differential or difference gain, the n Long-Term Stability: <8ppm at 6500Hours LT5401’s excellent ratio matching ensures high CMRR, n ESD Protected Inputs low gain errors and low gain drift to levels far too dif- n –55°C to 150°C Operating Temperature ficult to achieve with discrete passive components. This n 10-Lead MSOP Package high level of precision reduces calibration requirements in many applications and offers 10 times higher perfor-
mance than a ±0.01% discrete solution. n The LT5401 is available in a compact 10-lead MSOP pack- Fully Differential Amplifiers n age with exposed paddle for improved thermal perfor- Difference Amplifiers n mance over a temperature range of –55°C to 150°C. Reference Dividers n Precision Summing/Subtracting All registered trademarks and trademarks are the property of their respective owners.
TYPICAL APPLICATION Using LT5401 with a Fully Differential Amplifier for Input Common Mode Rejection Single-Ended to Differential Conversion, G = 1 Ratio vs Frequency
100 LT5401A OUT1 95 700Ω 90 T1C 85 350Ω 80 T1B +5V –FB 75 350Ω 700Ω +IN IN1 T1A + –V 70 OUT V CMRR (dB) OCM 65 IN2 700Ω ADA4932 T2A –IN – +V 60 OUT +FB 350Ω 55 VIN T2B –5V 50 350Ω 100k 1M 10M 100M T2C FREQUENCY (Hz) 5401 TA01b 700ΩOUT2 5401 TA01a Rev. 0 Document Feedback For more information 1 Document Outline Features Applications Typical Application Description Absolute Maximum Ratings Order Information Pin Configuration Electrical Characteristics Typical Performance Characteristics Pin Functions Block Diagram Applications Information Typical Applications Package Description Typical Application Related Parts