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Mikropower, Low Charge Injection, Quad-CMOS-Analogschalter


Datasheet LTC201A, LTC202, LTC203
PDF, 208 Kb, Sprache: en, Revision: LTC201A/LTC202/LTC203: Micropower, Low Charge Injection, Quad CMOS Analog Switches Data Sheet, Datei hochgeladen: Sep 2, 2017, Seiten: 16
Micropower, Low Charge Injection, Quad CMOS Analog Switches
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Package CodeNSS
Package Index05-08-1510 (N16)05-08-1610 (S16)05-08-1610 (S16)
Pin Count161616


Number of Channels444
Digital I/OParallelParallelParallel
Export Controlnonono
FeaturesLow Power, Low Charge Injection, 5nA Leakage, DG201-pin-compatibleLow Power, Low Charge Injection, 5nA Leakage, DG201-pin-compatibleLow Power, Low Charge Injection, 5nA Leakage, DG201-pin-compatible
Operating Temperature Range, °C0 to 700 to 700 to 70
Ron, ohms125125125
Supply Voltage Range5V to +/-15V5V to +/-15V5V to +/-15V
Turn-On Time, ns400400400



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LTC202 LTC202 LTC203 LTC203


  • Micropower Circuits for Signal Conditioning &mdash AN23
    PDF, 2.2 Mb, Datei veröffentlicht: Apr 1, 1987
    Low power operation of electronic apparatus has become increasingly desirable. AN23 describes a variety of low power circuits for transducer signal conditioning. Also included are designs for data converters and switching regulators. Three appended sections discuss guidelines for micropower design, strobed power operation and effects of test equipment on micropower circuits.
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  • Bridge Circuits &mdash AN43
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    Subtitled "Marrying Gain and Balance," this note covers signal conditioning circuits for various types of bridges. Included are transducer bridges, AC bridges, Wien bridge oscillators, Schottky bridges, and others. Special attention is given to amplifier selection criteria. Appended sections cover strain gauge transducers, understanding distortion measurements, and historical perspectives on bridge readout mechanisms and Wein bridge oscillators.
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  • Measurement and Control Circuit Collection &mdash AN45
    PDF, 1.2 Mb, Datei veröffentlicht: Jun 5, 1991
    A variety of measurement and control circuits are included in this application note. Eighteen circuits, including ultra low noise amplifiers, current sources, transducer signal conditioners, oscillators, data converters and power supplies are presented. The circuits emphasize precision specifications with relatively simple configurations.
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  • Techniques for 92% Efficient LCD Illumination &mdash AN55
    PDF, 688 Kb, Datei veröffentlicht: Aug 1, 1993
    This publication details several LCD backlight circuits which feature 92% efficiency. Other benefits include low voltage operation, synchronizing capability, higher output power for color displays, and extended dimming range. Extensive coverage of practical issues includes layout problems, multi-lamp displays, safety and reliability concerns and efficiency and photometric measurements. Also included is a review of circuits which did not work along with appropriate commentary.
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  • Micropower Dual and Quad JFET Op Amps Feature pA Input Bias Currents and C-LoadTM Drive Capability &mdash DN136
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  • Applications for a New Micropower, Low Charge Injection Analog Switch &mdash DN38
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